In Our 30s: Think Skin, and Body


During your 30’s is a time to optimize ways to keep your skin looking young. The skin ages as a result of sun exposure and loss of elasticity. If you haven’t already, you will want to make skin care a priority; you can reverse some of the damage with good skin care products or skin resurfacing (Perfect Peel & Microlaser Peel).

This is also a time to “prevent” wrinkles from happening. BOTOX® & Xeomin® injections can prevent or reverse wrinkles of the forehead, crow’s feet, or between the eyebrows.

Pregnancy and Weight Loss affect many areas of the body. Body sculpturing with Vaser Shape and diet can help return a woman’s body back to “normal.” Body sculpturing is particularly good to tighten underlying abdominal musculature and remove skin laxity, fat.  We’ve seen stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight loss respond best to resurfacing with CO2 laser or Erbium Laser.