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I am a 30 year old healthy and active mother of two. Over the past couple years, despite my efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle and after having a couple of kids, I’ve become quite self conscious about my belly. Albeit I am relatively slender, I definitely have a little extra in my midsection. At this point in my life, I’m really not interested in having a tummy tuck, which is what I thought I truly needed (I do have some stretch marks and loose skin). After doing a ton of research on various means of liposuction and non-invasive body shaping, I discovered VASER Shape. I was leaning towards/considering CoolSculpting until my good friend had a horrible experience and changed my mind. I consulted with a lovely practice in Washington. After going through the various pros and cons of surgical vs. non-surgical; VASER Lipo (liposuction) vs. VASER Shape, I decided to try the VASER Shape as a first step. I was told that this procedure is 100% non-invasive, no pain and no down time. My provider also informed me that I most likely would require 4-5 treatments to get to the point where I was satisfied with my results. She told me that I could expect to see gradual results over the course of the treatment series which would take place weekly. She also told me make sure and drink lots of fluids and water post treatment as this would ensure that my body metabolizes the fat quickly. These were the only instructions that I was given. I had my first treatment done on 07/7/13. OMG!!!! This was the GREATEST experience EVER! Not only was the treatment incredibly relaxing (felt like a hot rock massage), but my results SHOCKED me! In my very first treatment, I lost 2″ from my midsection! My clothes were literally falling off me. My belly absolutely changed in a matter of 45 mins!! My husband was literally shocked at my results! See my pics below for my first treatment results. I have now had a total of 3 treatments and am absolutely thrilled! I am down 2 dress sizes! This is exactly what this momma needed. I can’t wait to treat my thighs and saddlebags next!! Thank You! [/ale_testimonial]

Testimonial - March 2013
I also tried VASER Shape through the nurse practitioners service, who is wonderful. I’ve had four treatments, and we will probably do measurements this week. No photos, sorry. I definitely notice a nice difference. I was a little hesitant to inner thighs (the results are not as dramatic as other areas like love handles and stomach), I wanted to do my lower inner thighs. I’m currently a size 8 on the bottom and 4-6 on the top. It doesn’t matter if I was still 18 and a size 2 and playing sports and running 20+ miles a week, I’ve always had some chunk around my knees. I have trouble with most tall boots fitting around my upper calf/lower knee area. I’m getting married in a few months and wanted to feel as good as possible going into the wedding and honeymoon. VASER Shape definitely slimmed it down more than I thought! After two treatments, we could both see new definition in my lower inner thighs, just above my knee. After my last treatment, I could notice more improvement. When I sat indian-stye/cross-legged, you could see dimpling on my inner knees. Now, it is significantly reduced, if not completely gone. The treatments are pricey, but if you have an area that is really bothering you – and you have realistic expectations – it can be worth it. You need to maintain your weight and stay healthy, so if your weight tends to yo-yo up and down, I wouldn’t recommend this procedure. I tried CoolSculpt on my stomach at another (very reputable and well known) doctor’s office and was not too impressed with the results. I also tried another procedure the Ulthera therapy. While I didn’t see a change in inches/size, I did see a noticeable change in cellulite – overall reduction on my thighs and a smoother appearance.

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